Review Process


All articles submitted for publication to the “ Fruit growing research” are subject to a double blind review process. 
Contributions should comply with the publication guidelines; 
Papers should be submitted both in electronic form and as hard paper; 
Manuscripts may be submitted directly to the editorial board of the journal or via 
Contributions will be reviewed by 2-3 experts in the given field; 
The scientific reviewers and members of the Editorial board are PhD scholars and academics; 
Reviewers will evaluate the articles based on the following criteria: 
- journal requirements - structure, form, content, scientific relevance;
- scientific (theoretical and/or practical) contribution in the field; 
- careful experimental design (proper replication, controls, randomization) and adequate statistical methods of analysis;  
- clearly presented and argued results;
- relevant and up-to-date bibliographical references;
- compliance with ethical and moral norms; 
Manuscripts that fail to comply with the publication requirements will be returned to their authors for further revision; 
The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject any papers that do not conform to standard scientific content, presentation, and revision according to the reviewers’ recommendations and observations; 
It is not the reviewers’ duty to operate any correction of the articles submitted; 
The Journal and its editors accept no liability for the accuracy of the calculations, experimental data, views expressed or statements made by the contributors;

Authors are responsible for the factual accuracy and copyright of their contributions.