Approaching a wide area of scientific topics, the Journal has contributed to improved specialist research in the fields of fruit growing and technology transfer to agricultural units, developing scientific investigation and partnerships which have resulted in favorable effects upon the teaching process.
Since 2005, the Journal has undergone significant change both in form and content, as it has allowed teaching staff and researchers, PhD, as well as service product specialists to promote and confer greater value upon the results of their scientific creation in the fields of fruit growing with a particular focus on extremely actual issues, both in Europe and worldwide: rational agricultural land use, soil conservation, sustainable fruit growing, alternative farming systems, modern and best fruit crop technologies employed by agricultural units to increase economic efficiency and the quality of life, including by environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. 
FRUIT GROWING RESEARCH publishes original scientific papers, review articles, short communications and research reports. The main topics of the journal cover but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • Genetic resources, Breeding of deciduous fruit trees species;
  • Fruit sustainable technologies – environment protection;
  • Propagation, virology and tissue culture,
 that can be of interest to a wide audience of plant scientists in all areas of fruit growing.