The present name of the journal is FRUIT GROWING RESEARCH (Online ISSN 2344-3723, ISSN-L 2286-0304; CD ISSN 2286-0304; Print ISSN 2602-1978) starts in 2012 at once with the volume XXVIII. Until 2011 the journal was known as SCIENTIFIC PAPERS OF THE RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR FRUIT GROWING PITESTI, ROMANIA (ISSN 1584-2231).

FRUIT GROWING RESEARCH is published by: Research Institute for Fruit Growing Pitesti, Romania
O.P.1, C.P. 73, Pitesti, Arges, 110006, Romania
Phone: +40-248-278066; Fax: +40-248-278477; 
E-mail: office@icdp-pitesti.ro; webpage: http://www.icdp.ro


Each paper published in FRUIT GROWING RESEARCH is assigned a DOI number.
DOI number of the journal is: DOI: 10.33045/fgr